Hello! I hope those of you that traveled and visited with family and friends for the holiday have arrived back home safely!! This week, we’re back to the 19th century with some yummy inspiration from one of my favorite periods:

vintage monday [ week nine ] ::

This fashion illustration is from 1871. I tend to favor this early bustle–the line is much softer and gentle than the later bustles of the 1880’s that were exaggerated. What I love about these two gowns (and what I tend to harp on most when talking about 19th century fashions! lol!) is the level of applied decoration. Ruffles, bows, trims… and most of all the layers. The little peeks at decorative underskirts beneath the polonaised skirts! I think the gown on the left is my favorite, if nothing else because I’m constantly drawn to the layers of fabric and ruffles that make up the lower half of the outfit. I would love to try some similar pleated trim on a modern garment!

Are there any details or elements catching your eye this morning? How would you incorporate some of the dressmaker details from this era into modern wear?

Cheers & Creativity,
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