my most involved tote bag yet...

I love taking a weekend off to spend with family and friends, but sometimes the reality check of Mondays are quite severe! hehe! Do you ever feel that way? But, I have to say, that I had an absolutely lovely holiday weekend, and I hope everyone else did too! Now my thoughts are turning towards Christmas, the mountain of things I have left to do, and all the shopping that still needs to be completed! (Like the little bag above that will be in the Shoppe later this week!) I have started to get into the festive mood though; I went out on Friday and bought a 36” feather tree at Michael’s that I had been eyeing for a week:

my newest addtion

my first ornament

We always have a big, fresh-cut tree in the living area of the house, but this year I wanted to bring some of the Christmas cheer up to my room/studio, since I spend so much time up here. Plus, there was the added incentive of needing a place to hang ornaments from the Ornament Swap I signed up for! And this little addition to my room was just in time too–the first ornament came today!! I have the tree lit up most of the day, and now Christmas music is competing with Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell for listening time!

Oh, and look at the pretty pedant (actually an ornament) featuring Mr. Bunny that I wore on Thanksgiving:

close up of mr. bunny

Isn’t he adorable?! The enormously imaginative and whimsical Marjorie had been making and selling out of these little guys, and I was finally able to snag one for myself! (Thank you, Marjorie!!) He is quite at home with my strand of faux pearls and favorite striped shirt. I’m thinking he would look equally fetching with a bow tied at the top and pinned to a coat lapel…

a little bit of fun and whimsy!

One more little piece of blog business and I’m off to catch up on my blog reading! hehe! I’ve been going through my “stash” of fabrics and supplies and found this cute vintage print I bought earlier in the year. It features tiny Christmas stockings in a variety of colors, and is approximately 44” wide and just a wee bit under 1 1/4 yards. The first person to email me (just be sure to change the [AT] to @) and claims this cute fabric gets it!! Thank you so much–its been claimed! But stay tuned… more giveaway goodies to come!!

I hope everyone is having a lovely start to their week!!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]

p.s. I just wanted to add that I added some new things to the Shoppe this morning, including a couple of the wildly popular polar bear pins!!