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Goodmorning, my friends! I hope everyone in the US had a lovely Thanksgiving! I know I’m nice and full of yummy stuffing (Dad’s special recipe), and apple pie (Mom’s best!). And if you’re off to hit the malls today: good luck! Me, I’m staying well away from any shopping venues, I tend to get far too overwhelmed in large, crazy crowds! hehe.

The inspiration list is rather short this week… I blame all the yummy food I ate yesterday for making me lazy! hehe!

♥ inspiration [ sixteen ] ♥
 put those old fleece gloves to good, stylish use!
 the discovery of a paperbird [ via ]
 the delightful artwork of rachel bone [ via ]
 etsy has handy-dandy gift guides for everyone on your gift list!

I also just wanted to say that the Shoppe will be updated today as well. I’ll post to let everyone know when I have. I won’t be posting again until Monday, however, because L. and I have a busy weekend planned: we’re going to a hockey game tomorrow night! My first live game, and I know nothing about the sport. But he loves it, and has supplied me with several books on the subject (including The Girlfriend’s Guide to Hockey…), so hopefully I won’t be totally lost. hehe!

Cheers & Creativity,
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