Good Morning!! Today I’ve pulled the weekly inspiration from a little later in the 20th century than we’ve ventured previously. But I hope you’ll enjoy it all the same!

vintage monday [ week eight ] ::

I love the simple, tailored lines of the 1940s; this trio of shirt dresses exemplifies the sportswear chic that was popular at the time. The dresses are so simple, yet each has its own personality: the one on the far left is girlish with the red topstitching and bow, the middle one is the plainest of the bunch (but very classic), and the yellow frock on the right is very elegant with its pleated skirt. Shirt dresses never go out of style, which is probably why these designs continue to look timeless to this day! I think my favorite detail is the red topstiching on the white dress–so classic and yet so fun!!

What details jump out at you?

Cheers & Creativity,
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