I updated the Shoppe earlier this afternoon! New polar bear pins, trees and a couple of Christmas stockings!! I didn’t get the Hedgie tote up yet, mostly because I didn’t get to finish the embellishment on Friday as I had hoped. So it’ll be up tomorrow instead. Just to let you everyone know: I’ll only be shipping once this week (tomorrow), and won’t be shipping again until next Tuesday due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

helen stocking

I’ve been tagged by both J. and Julie at Perfectbound!! Thank you–we’ll see if I can make this interesting enough. hehe!

The rules:
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Five Facts About Me

1. I’m not a vegetarian, but seven times out of ten I just don’t eat meat. Its not that I have ethical problems with it, but I just don’t like chicken or pork a whole lot (now a nice cut of steak or fish is another matter…), and that’s what we eat a lot of. This semi-vegetarian tendency is not known to my meat-loving boyfriend. lol!

2. Speaking of the boyfriend… on our first date he took me out to a Japanese steak house, and ordered sashimi for an appetizer, after asking if I liked it. I said yes I did–even though I had never really ventured past sushi into the world of just pieces of raw fish. Thankfully, I loved it and didn’t make a huge idiot out of myself on that date! (We won’t talk about the zillion times I’ve been stupid around him since. He’s put up with so much with my ditziness! hehe!)

3. I can curl my tongue in half lengthwise. My sister, despite trying to show her how for years, can’t. lol.

4. Although I’m very much a girly-girl at this point in my life, I basically was a tomboy when I was younger. I lived next door to a large family and the two eldest were boys, so we managed to get into a lot growing up. We spent many summers playing war (usually that we were French Resistance fighters in WWII… we were all obsessed with that war for a couple years), King of the Hill (it got violent!), kick-the-can, climbing the tallest trees we could find, and devising up tricks to play on our younger siblings. Then there is the summer we spent stealing magnifying glasses out of our houses and setting things on fire…

5. “Mother” is my unofficial nickname. What can I say? I’m a firstborn and we tend to be bossy types. lol. Every single one of my guy friends (and my family…) has referred to me by the name at one time or another–usually because I nag them about getting homework done, or resting or eating right. Someone’s got to do it!! hehe.

And because I’m so awful at picking people to tag with memes, please take this as an open invitation to consider yourself tagged!

collage papers

As I was cleaning up and organizing all my “collage” papers (which doesn’t really fit well, because I haven’t done a proper collage in awhile! But what else do you call a stash of odd papers to cut up and use for various things?), I collected a sizable stack of scrappy pieces. Some are bigger than others, while there are some that are truly just scraps. In the interest of not wasting, I have collected them all up and will send them to the first person who emails me and claims them (just be sure to change the [AT] to @)!! Hopefully some ingenious crafty-collager will put these to good use!! These have been taken–but keep an eye open for similar give-aways later this month!

petticoat refashion 1

I did something that I never thought I would do on Saturday: cut up an antique petticoat! Okay, it was the one I posted about awhile back that was damaged (so what else could I do with it?), so in a fit of creative passion I grabbed my shears and chopped it up. It’s going to become a shorter skirt, and I think will eventually end up in the Shoppe (I’m planning on debuting my collection of clothing late in the winter… but more details will be forthcoming!). It was a painful exercise, but I considered the amount of vintage clothing I have that needs to be refashioned and remembered talented refashioners like Tif! The refashion has progressed much further than this picture depicts; I’ll show off the finished garment later this week!

petticoat refashion 2

Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday evening!Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]

p.s. I discovered a lovely fashion line via Lili’s blog the other day: Gibbous. Wow!! I’ve spent far too much time gazing at the lovely photoshoots and Stitches gallery. The attention to detail and layers of textiles that go into these garments is breathtaking! Real eye candy!!