The “Haughty Miss M.”?

haughty miss m haughty miss m - antiqued

I finished inking her late last night… and then added a few wee details that I hadn’t sketched in before! The right version is one that I scanned in and overlaid with a texture (in this case an old piece of paper from one of my antique books). I used this technique quite extensively a couple years ago; I loved how it added so much dimension and character to a piece. It seems that I am following a little trend here of staying up late working on art… I find it is soothing and helps me relax!

Thank you for all the kind comments about the artwork I’ve posted snippets of the past week! I must honestly give all credit to my mom and sister; they both are constantly on me to share pictures of my drawings. I’m very critical of my art, and have a hard time finishing pieces because inevitably I’ll become dissatisfied and abandon something halfway through. Its been a comfort lately, to know that I am not the only one who struggles with such trepidations of creative confidence; the lovely Gillian recently wrote about the same thing I feel often in relation to my work. Even my own sister, who is a prolific cartoonist (in between classes and studying!), has shared how she erases a lot of what she starts.

what a mess!

I have been sketching away in my favorite notebook. Ideas, words, themes that I want to explore through my handcrafts in the coming months. Some I’ve started to work on and will appear shortly in the Shoppe. Others I’ve not even started to gather materials for! One thing I’ve really been learning lately is that you have to plan, plan, plan when running a small business. Plan for the upcoming holidays. Plan in advance to apply to craft shows (already investigating several East Coast shows for 2008). Plan in advance to purchase supplies so I don’t run out and come to a screeching halt! hehe. I’m already starting to dream up little things for late winter (around Valentine’s Day) and spring… Oh! The ideas are just making me dance with excitement already!

sneaky peek...

Here’s a little sneaky peek at another tote bag that shall shortly be making its way to the Shoppe (probably Thursday or Friday; I’ll post when I’ve added it)! And just to give everyone a heads up: they’ll be more polar bears late this week as well! They all sold out much quicker than I anticipated, and I’ve also got some new trim that I’m itching to use on the bears. So stay tuned…

Oh, and look what the delivery man left on my doorstep yesterday:

new business cards!!!

New business cards!! Yay! Overnight Prints was having a special (one of their rare specials; they are certainly far less prolific in sales than Vista Print, but I prefer the quality of Overnight Prints), so I decided to pounce and redesign my cards. As mom thoughtfully said after I got this little box-full: these are more refined than the previous design, which were cute. I think she used the word “elegant”, which is fitting considering my Shoppe’s name! lol! I love the shade of blue though… much more “me” than the earlier business cards. And the rounded corners!!! Yay!

I hope everyone’s weeks have been going smoothly thus far. Can you believe its already Wednesday? My, time flies (whether you’re having fun or not! hehe!)! Have a lovely evening, all!

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]