Why is it, I wonder, that so many of the best creative ideas strike late at night, when one is tired and wants nothing more than to crawl into their comfy bed? But sleep is set aside in pursuit of this new idea, because one never knows when they’ve hit upon something worthwhile. So it must be tried and analyzed while eyes are drooping, and everything takes three times longer.

lady in the bonnet

I had an “ah-ha!” moment late last night; well not late, but I certainly was more than ready to retreat to my nice, warm bed. It was an idea that must have been percolating for some weeks, but came together all at once. I’ve always been a bit tentative about my artwork; I think because I’ve spent a great deal of time the past few years trying to make my art into a style that it isn’t–capture a viewpoint that I don’t really hold. So the past few days I’ve started to slowly go back to the more illustrative style I developed while I was still in highschool. A combination of 19th century fashion plates, Tasha Tudor and my favorite 19th century illustrators (Henry Clarke, Arthur Rackham, etc.). I feel more at peace now that I’m not sitting there thinking “this isn’t a valid piece of art because it doesn’t look perfect or like ‘X’.”

But I’m getting off the point. Anyway, yesterday I had a flash of inspiration and quickly gathered up my paints and chalk pastels. After a little while I emerged somewhat triumphant, covered with chalk dust, but very happy:

first experiment

I finally spent some time this morning linking my Thunderbird inbox with my Gmail account. Easy-peasy–I can’t figure out why I didn’t do it sooner! So, from now on hopefully I’ll be a bit better about replying to comments… hopefully!

drawing in process

I’d like to thank Ambika of Into the Fray for the awfully nice mention on her blog of my whale pins! (Thank you again, Ambika!) It always makes my day to know that my creative meanderings add a little brightness and joy to someone else’s life!

distant faces

Lastly, but certainly not least… I stumbled across a collection of daguerreotypes in the digital collection of the Library of Congress. I love early photography; particularly portraits. Besides being excellent for studying fashions of the era, I always ponder over the faces of people from the 19th century, wondering what they were like? There are many interesting and diverting early portraits in this database. I daresay it’ll take me awhile to get through it! But loads of inspiration!!

two women

Edited to add: If you search for “daguerreotype” from the photos and prints division hub, it’ll yeild many interesting photographs from the era. I love this one I stumbled upon… doesn’t it look positively spooky?

Have a lovely and inspired Tuesday!

Cheers & Creativity,
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p.s. I stumbled across an interesting tutorial on the French-language Japan Couture Addicts blog about how to do a beautiful, pleated yoke. I can’t read a word of it (one day I’ll learn French!!), but the pictures are quite helpful, and I get the gist of it from those.