Ah, dear me… I promised I would post over the weekend and it slipped right by me! Alas! Oh well, I have plenty of things to report upon later today, so for now, enjoy the weekly installment of Vintage Monday inspiration!

vintage monday [ week seven ] ::

This week I return to one of my favorite eras: the 1840’s; this particular fashion illustration hails from 1847. I think my favorite detail or piece in this fashion plate is the bonnets! I especially love the little shirred number on the right with flowers outside and inside the bonnet! I can’t imagine it being terribly comfortable having flowers between your face and the bonnet frame, but it certainly looks lovely! Check out the beautiful net shawl on the lady at left as well; wouldn’t it be fun to wear something so delicate and pretty?

What details are jumping out at you?

Cheers & Creativity,
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