teacup on a cloudy day

Today is Veteran’s Day here in the US, and I’d just like to take a moment to thank all our past and present service members for putting themselves in harm’s way to protect us. Thank you. I feel it hits especially close to home this year, as L. is a member of the armed forces, and I’ve come to appreciate more what they (and their families) go through.

I had a very busy weekend, possibly the busiest since I got sick! L. came to visit for two days, and we spent the majority of our time together since it had been three weeks (three very long weeks… hehe!) since he had last been able to get up here. We had a “Christmas gift recon mission” on Saturday, and I went to one of my favorite shopping malls, which was a real event because I hadn’t been shopping “proper” since August! But I must admit, today I am really fatigued; I think that level of excitement and driving is just a wee bit too much still. Ick. I think a little cat nap might be in order today…

little hedgehog

I’m in one of my “November moods”. I think it is largely to do with being so tied up in the intricacies of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (I am sorry, my dear readers, if I’m going on too much about this book lately!). I tend to get very quiet and spend large quantities of time doing handwork or drawing. Its been a wonderful exercise for my imagination lately; picturing everything so vividly. Sometimes it seems almost like there is a little movie before my minds eye of the whole story as its being read! That is why I love reading and literature so much! I even find myself doing this comprehensive visualizations when reading non-fiction books (especially if its history; I’m extremely fond of history books!). I think the only type of book I’ve never done this with was math textbooks; which may explain why mathematics has never been my strong suit! lol!

I’ve spent a little time today doing some sketching, but even more time searching for my #005 Micron pen, which mysteriously disappeared last night. Its my favorite inking pen, and of course its gone missing! Somewhere between grabbing it as I went up to bed and this morning when I wanted it. Either I’ve been drawing in my sleep (not likely… though I remember standing in front of my open closet in the wee hours, half asleep, certain there was a cat rooting around in my shoes), or it rolled under my bed and got swallowed by the bottomless pit. lol. So although I’m eager to show you some new sketchiness I’ve been engaging in over the weekend, they’re not finished! Humph.

last vestige of summer

I wanted to give a heads-up that it appears all the listings for the Tasha Tudor Auction are up on the C.A. Whitaker site. There are 13 pages of items, many of which are in the printed catalog (for those of you that purchased it; I did and highly recommend it–its quite gorgeous!), and pieces that are not. There are also multiple views of each garment lot, which means lots of close-ups and yummy detail shots!! I’m particularly in love with this 1860s beaded waist and the green silk gown from the 1840s.

Speaking of artsy-ness, I discovered two American folk artists this afternoon: Rufus Hathaway and Ruth Heneshaw Bascom. I haven’t ever really paid close attention to America folk art until the past year; mostly because I’ve always admired the more “refined” portraiture of the 18th and 19th centuries. But after my trip to the MET during the summer, I have started gaining a new appreciation for it. I really want to revisit the
Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum in Williamsburg because it has some really neat examples of early American art. Right now it looks like there is an exhibit of silhouette portraits too, which would be lots of fun to see!

the elves and busy!

I’m off to curl up in a chair and draw some more (and hope that the inking pen turns up!)…

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]

p.s. Thank you everyone who has been leaving such lovely comments lately! I’m rather behind in replying, so my apologies if I haven’t gotten back to you yet.