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[ new, pretty shoes! ]

I have been listening to Johnathan Strange & Mr. Norrell all day long. I’m usually not one for audio books, I suppose because I have definite memories of badly read audio books as a child, and that has made me shy away from them ever since. But this is so delightful! Besides being read very nicely, the story has me entranced! I listened to three of the twenty-six cd’s this afternoon while I worked on new stock for the Shoppe. Honestly, I almost didn’t want to stop for the day because that meant I couldn’t listen to any more (its my “business only” treat…). lol!

sketching, tea drinking & other oddities

The whole concept behind the book has caught my imagination. I suppose in a way the whole idea of magic never left me. I always wanted to believe in fairy lands, magic spells and the like. I remember even for awhile as a very young child I fancied that my toys did come alive after I went to sleep! My mother brought us up to be very imaginative children, and both my sister and I ran with it (and still do!). There is a part of me that still believes in magic, or at least wants to believe in it. Besides, I really think that there is magic in the every day. Not in the sense of transformations or snatching people away to foreign worlds, but rather the little moments in life when you step back and realize that everything is “just so”. Other people see this magic too; my Flickr friends definitely attest to that! I suppose I will never grow up in this sense, and all the better. Because I feel that when we loose that sense of wonder and imagination, we loose a vital part of what makes life joyful in certain moments. We stop looking around us, observing the little things, and realizing that yes, it is an amazing world around us!

Golly, I didn’t mean to get that long winded. See what listening to diverting literature does to me? lol. (And yes, I realize my vocabulary in this post is rather ponderous; I blame it on Johnathan Strange & Mr. Norrell entirely!)

mail goodies!!

I got a lovely package in the mail today containing my order from Bluebird Lane! I purchased some vintage seam binding from her, since that’s what I use on a lot of my pins (as opposed to traditional ribbon, which I find too stiff; I’ve thought also about using China silk ribbon, but it tends to be expensive!). Besides the wonderful, fast service, we also had a nice chat back and forth for a couple days, which is always fun with a fellow Etsy seller! She also kindly included a card with samples of some of the other colors of ribbon (I’m drooling over these!) and a little bundle of mini tags that she stamped and tea stained! Oh, I just love such thoughtful, attention-to-detail type packages! As I said to my mother this afternoon (after opening it and squealing!): I have met more really nice people through Etsy and the little network of creative bloggers!

drawing in progress - update

Thank you for all the kind comments about my drawing I’m working on! I say “working” because its turned into one of those art pieces that I can’t leave alone. What started out as a rough sketch to be inked later on, has turned into a full-fledge pencil drawing that is getting more and more detailed by the day. I haven’t even finished one of the figures, and the other is still very much in the sketchy stage! As my sister said wisely to me when she looked at it, its not going to scan very well! Oops! Perhaps I’ll just take a tracing and do a duplicate, less detailed, in ink. I have an awful habit of doing this, which is probably why my art output has been so small in the past few years. Yikes!

I hope you all are having a lovely Thursday evening wherever you are! Remember: take a moment for the tiny snippets of life that strike you. You never know when you’ll discover a little magic

Cheers & Creativity,
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