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I’ve been s-l-o-w-l-y catching up on my blog feeds today. Perhaps I’m the only one who does this: but every time I get a little behind, especially on the blogs I love to read every day, I feel so “guilty” about not having read them, and just avoid my feeds altogether. lol. Funny how the human mind works, isn’t it? But my goodness, there have been some utterly interesting things that have been rooting around in blog land this week! I know its not Friday, but I must share a handful with you:

 camilla engman’s paper cut-outs
 liesl discovers nifty trick with a thread spool
 amazing fascinator made from a holiday decoration and netting! [ via ]

scottie tote

I’ve been keeping myself busy this afternoon with little Shoppe duties. I’m trying to restructure my days (again!) to fit around giving myself at least a three hour block in the afternoon to just create Shoppe inventory. The computer-end of the business has been a bit of a time-eater lately, so I’m trying to tell that bad little monster to just settle down! lol. The Scottie bag and more lace cockades (with more fetching names! hehe!) are my main occupation:

more lace cockades

Tonight I plan to finish that sketch I showed you all yesterday. I have a bad tendency with these sorts of illustrations to waffle forever on how I want the bodice necklines to be, and the trims… Golly, you’d think I was actually making these! lol. I think I finally found some ideas that I liked, and have started sketching them in a bit more, in a little more detail. I think afterward I’ll transfer it to a piece of Bristol and ink them in. The “Happy Holiday” message will be collaged (possibly… still working out this idea) in the center. Eeep! I’m getting fidgety to draw just talking about it! lol.

Back to work for this little gal… I’ve got a couple more important things to do (like finishing the cockades!). Then dinner, drawing and hopefully some knitting time! I managed to finish one sleeve on the Briar Rose bolero, but have yet to cast on the other… The pile of purple yarn is sitting atop the television cabinet, mocking me every time I set foot in the family room. hehe!

Have a wonderful evening!

Cheers & Creativity,
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