little miss muffet

I’m taking a wee bit of a break today after the rush to get everything up and online. I daresay tonight I’ll be back at it; not because I “have to”, but I love doing my business-crafty work! Thank you all so much for supporting this latest Shoppe update; it was quite a success! I’ll be updating again on Friday since I purchased a slot in the Friday Etsy Main Showcase. So if you were eyeing something and it sold out, there is a possibility it’ll be added later this week!

mail goodies!!

I have been getting some excellent, good mail lately! Perhaps it is because I’m spending far too much on Etsy (but is that really possible?!)… but they have been all totally worth it! I bought both issues of Mix Tape magazine, which has a very witty blend of crafting, parenting (not quite what I need yet… but one day hopefully!), and lifestyle. I’m in love with it already! Also purchased a lovely flower brooch from the immensely talented Miss Julianna of Oh My Cavalier!, and (not pictured) a set of four Etsy bumper stickers from the Etsy Labs. Now I can spread the Etsy joy when I drive around! lol. (Oh, and the Mary Englebreit Home Companion in the background I just picked up this afternoon!)

I’m sure that you’ve seen this elsewhere in blogland already, but if you haven’t… The new November Poppytalk Handmade Market is now online and my goodness! There are so many talented hand crafts artists, and loads of tempting goodies! Do stop on over there to have a look around! I’m particularly in love with Beehive Kitchenware (those measuring spoons!), Charm Foundry and Catia Chen.

holiday card in progress

( my holiday card in rough sketch form! )

Oh dear… I daresay this post isn’t going to be as “pretty, witty, and bright” as I had hoped. My little energy packs just haven’t quite recharged yet, and my head is still filled with postage fees and listing details! lol. My apologies if I owe you an email or the like… tomorrow is going to be my big “internet day” for the week! I need to get everything out of the way anyway before the weekend; L. is coming back for a visit, and I am quite distracted when he is around. *giggle*

Hope you all are having a lovely, creative Tuesday, my dear friends! Until tomorrow (when I hope to have more diverting things to report; hopefully my brain will not be filled with dullness!)…

Cheers & Creativity,
Casey [ email me ]