Good morning, my friends!! I hope you all enjoy this week’s colorful bit of inspiration from the 1920’s! Its one of my favorite catalog pages…

vintage monday [ week six ] ::

I just love the details of this early sportswear. The 1920’s was the decade that what we consider “casual sportswear” really developed and came into its own (thanks to new manufacturing techniques, rigid corsets going out of fashion, and designers “thinking outside the box” with materials and cuts). Women became much more involved in sports and other activities that required ease of movement. Yet, even with these new needs, the clothes remained uniquely feminine. I love the marriage of the girlish cuts and details, yet modern look, particularly in the early part of the decade.

Just look at the embellishments on the skirts and blouses! Ruffled collar trim, oversized pocket flaps, contrasting inverted box pleats! A real feast for the imagination. What details do you see that stand out? What is inspiring you visually today?

Have a lovely morning and I’ll be back later with another bit of exciting news!!

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