Goodness… is it the second week of October already? My, time really does just zoom right by! But of course, this means that its time for the second installment of the Vintage Monday featurette, in which I share an image or needlework source from my collection of antique and vintage materials.

vintage monday [ week two ] ::
My pick for the week is probably a reflection of the early 19th century fashion binge I’m going through right now! lol. This lovely, colored plate is from November 1845, rescued from a decaying, bound compendium of a monthly periodical of the era (I scored it at a book sale for next to nothing… I think no one realized that there were gems inside!). What really caught my eye in this illustration is the beautiful skirt treatments on the white and blue gowns as well as the bonnets. The thing about 1840’s fashion is that they were quite restrictive, but the lavish trims and ornaments are just mind blowing! What catches your fancy?

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