autumn w.i.p.
[ This is how I’ve happily spent a few hours today; working on a small bunch of little squirrels for the Shoppe! ]

A few months ago I picked up a cheap set of palette watercolors (the background of the photos posted yesterday), mostly because I was tired of feeling intimidated by the rather dull hues in my Windsor Newton set. I honestly have a huge love/hate relationship with color and the way it intimidates me in relation to putting it down on paper. I like to dabble with paints, but hate picking a color scheme (hence my artwork, tends to be black and white). I actually have a love/hate relationship with fine art materials in general… but I digress! I bought this little set and had it propped up beside my computer for ages. I liked just looking at the bright, happy colors and being inspired by them. I finally decided that I should actually use these, rather than just let them sit (and look pretty…). I painted a few of my design sketches Monday:

design page
Which leads me right into what I’ve been scheming and mulling over for the past two weeks: designing new garments! I don’t want to spill all the beans right yet (after all, this year has taught me to definitely never count my chickens before they hatch!!), so I’m going to let the photos do a little story telling of their own:

sketches, fabric, pattern

jacket design

little red schoolhouse blouse
Lots of things are in the works, and I’m eager to share them with you as they roll off the sewing machine!

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p.s. I just stumbled upon the most delightful clothing line this morning! Check out Cirque du Cheval for some really cute, girlish designs! I just wish there was more information on the site…