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farmer's daughter dress - side
I was quite surprise and delighted by the response to that little peak at the Farmer’s Daughter dress that I posted yesterday evening!! I’m so glad you all like the design idea! As I mentioned in my previous post, it needs a bit of tweaking here and there, but overall I’m quite happy with the easy-wear, cute vibe its got going. Here are the promised full length pictures:

famer's daughter dress - back
I love the shade of “pea soup green” that the knit is. Its a color I’ve fallen in love with–and is quite a departure from my usual pink, black and red color choices. I bought a BCBG top last autumn in this exact shade, and have managed to add several more pieces in similar hues since then…

famer's daughter dress - collar & buttons
I’m contemplating making up one or two (possibly in different sizes–time to dust off my pattern grading skills!!) and putting them up for sale in the shop, or possibly finding a local consignment venue. I’ve been told time and time again, since I interned with a pattern designer/custom dressmaker years ago that I really need to try selling my designs (even my boyfriend has jumped on the bandwagon of haranguing me to sell my stuff!). I suppose the root of my procrastination is the fear that people are just being nice, and that they won’t really buy anything I make. Ho-hum. I suppose there is only one way to find out… but yet it is intimidating!! Perhaps after reading through Craft Inc. I’ll change my tune. (Said tome is earmarked for pursuing on the flight… after my homework reading is tucked away!)

famer's daughter dress - antique lace
So have a lovely weekend, everyone & don’t forget the shoppe special going on this weekend! Oh, and I promise I’ll announce the gift tag give-away winner this weekend as well!

cheers & creativity,
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