yummy fabric!!
Sometimes I feel like a little hamster on one of those round, runner-things that you put in cages for them to run off excess energy on! Only, I don’t have tons of excess energy (or brain power, for that matter! lol) at the moment! So much to do and accomplish, so little time! So in an effort to make my life a teeny-tiny bit more streamlined, I’m going to be doing the inspiration posts once-a-week again, instead of trying (and not always doing) to include a list in every post. This is only a sampling of what is catching my eye during the week–my del.icio.us has lots more!

inspiration [ week four ]
kimono-inspired hoodie!
make stickers from just about anything
free bookmaking manual
miss gala’s tips on how to start a blog
one-in-ten auction starting tomorrow!
beautiful knits from the uk
indiepublic: a cool new networking site! (and visit me here!!)

cheers & creativity,
♥ casey [ email me ]

p.s. I’m headed off to Califorinia in a couple weeks with the boy, and I’m looking for cheap, fun things to do in and around San Diego. I was out there last summer, but we did a lot more driving, and this time the boy and I will either have to rent a car or take public transportation to get around. So, suggestions about what to do (besides hang out on the beach and surf, which we’ll be doing a lot of!) are welcome!!