earring storage 01
I was deep in blogspace, just browsing around, and suddenly stumbled across a gorgeous jewelry-board via A Friend to Knit With. What a great idea!! I have some of my necklaces tacked onto my bulletin board, but my earrings are languishing in a little tea cup in my bathroom. Not that it really matters ‘cause my earring collection is so tiny right now (just got my ears pierced in January and have only been wearing something other than studs for a little over one month… so I haven’t had a chance to really get a good collection going! lol). But I like my jewelry to look pretty and neat (case in point: my brooches and pins…). So out came some leftover arcrylic paint, a thrifted picture frame (with the back and glass removed), some brass nails and wire:

earring storage 02
Voila! A nice, little earring board to hold my *ahem* soon-to-be-expanded collection.

And just for fun, here’s a small wish-list of sorts of some gorgeous earrings I’d love to wear and have hanging on my earring board:
+ hot stacks via Sulu
+ blackjack assymetrical via t8designs
+ cherry falls via contrary
+ merchant of venice via lulu sparkles
+ winter hydrangia via foundling

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