Spring is finally here and although looking out the window today would lead one to believe otherwise (chilly, rainy, overcast…), I can hear birds singing and the cherry tree outside my window is starting to bloom. *sigh* This is the time of year I always feel gloriously alive and ready to take on anything! lol.

crazy vintage smock 02
As promised, a few (well, okay, more than a few–check them all out at my flickr page!) pictures of some of my latest vintage finds. The crazy print smock has got to be my favorite; scored at a vintage clothing shop that was going out of business for $14. It looks so funky over straight-leg jeans with a tank underneath worn open. Or, for a more prim-and-proper look, buttoned half-way up and cinched with a large belt at the waist. I think it would look cute with a knit pencil skirt as well…

blue dress and jacket 01 blue dress and jacket 04
This dress was on the “as-is” rack for $10 and I immediately decided I had to have it because the jacket has a cute little peplum in the back! 🙂

elegant bangles 01
I’ve been making a ton of bangles lately, as I’m planning on trying to consign a few in the next week or two at a couple of local boutiques. I’ve never done anything like this before, which is a little unnerving. But after wearing one the other day and everyone commented on how cute and ingenious it was (including several of my guy friends!!), I figured I’d just better bite the bullet and go with it. lol! I have a bunch of designs on my flickr page, if anyone is interested. 🙂

the number five - finished
Finally, I finished that little patch inspired by the work of Rebecca Purcell. I love the wackiness/elementary school project quality of it. I think its going to be eventually sewn on a bag or something… 🙂

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!!