a valentine a day [ day two ]
vintage valentine 05
Did you see?? Anthropologie is putting out catalogs twelve times a year!!! *dies* I’m addicted, but not just because they carry such pretty and drool-worthy clothes that are ever so artsy, but the catalogs are just enourmous sources of visual inspiration to me. Beautifully photographed and composed. I literally have a little stack of them next to my bed to flip through in the evenings… Its sad, isn’t it?

After much hunting, whining to myself at the lack of a good magazine selection at any of the local bookstores, and getting ready to just give up, I finally procured a copy of the March issue of Romantic Homes. One of my favorite bloggers, Alicia Paulson of Posie, was featured in this issue! Its a lovely, color-saturated walk through her amazing home. Seriously drooling over the creativeness pictured! Just looking at the sun-soaked photos lifts me right out of my mid-winter doldrums. If you need something nice and pretty to keep on your nightstand, be sure to pick this issue up (not to mention there are a lot of other nice things in here too!).