february desk display 01
Whew! Its been quite a week; for some reason this semester all my professors decided to start piling on the homework/intensive projects right away, which means no easing into the semester gently. lol. I’m trying not to panic even though I’ve got a boatload of stuff due in the next week.

Needless to say, knitting and creating time has been at an absolute minimum. *sigh* I’m hoping once I get my schedule down, start working on organzing my homework time better (how come it always changes from semester to semester?) I’ll get back into the swing of creating since I have so many ideas floating around in my head right now! In the meantime though, I’ve started to do a little research into my biggest 2007 goal: opening my own webstore.

grab bag of goodies
This is something I’ve wanted to do basically since I was a kid; run a small business that allows me to market my creations. I’ve read countless books over the years on doing that (hehe–how many twelve-year-olds read Barbara Braebec’s book from start to finish in one sitting? lol), and yet I still am very timid about taking that leap of faith and just doing it. The ideas are there, the ability to focus and manage my time are there, the networking/people skills are too; but I still hold back for fear of failure–something that haunts me constantly in school. I think at this point, I’ve got a better handle on how much work starting a real business is going to take (all the legal/tax stuff; no fun, but I want this to be a serious endevour from the start) and now I just need to get my ducks in a row. I’m giving myself until the end of the semester to come up with a business plan, list everything I need to do as well as design my inventory for the slated Autumn opening. That gives me summer to work on filling out forms, getting permits, working on stock and a part time job (since someone has got to pay for all this! lol). But right now I’m still buried under a pile of books on running home-based businesses. Its amazing how many books have been published in recent years on every aspect of the handcraft business–I even found one on basic legal stuff you need to know when starting such a venture! Now thats the kind of nitty-gritty that I am looking for. 🙂

vintagevalentine_01 vintagevalentine_02
With that in mind: I’ve lately been getting a lot of comments on my redesigned/reconstructed pieces I wear; some even from local boutique owners. I’d love to be able to whip out a business/contact card to hand them, just in case they are interested in possibly carrying my work, but I’m not sure where to get good business cards made up. I want to design something myself–no prefab designs! Any ideas about where to get a small run (100-250) of professional-looking cards printed?

photos top to bottom: redecorated over my desk for valentine’s day :: some bits and bobs I picked up recently :: a vintage valentine I found at an antique store recently… I just love it! ♥ [ click on any for a larger view/description ]