tea time

Yes, I rarely do memes, but I couldn’t resist this one! 🙂 Leslie tagged me (btw: check out her gorgeous resin pendents in her Etsy shop!), and I thought it would be fun to talk a little about five things I haven’t (I think!) mentioned on my blog before, especially considering last week was National Delurking Week!

[ 5. ] I have a very set routine every morning: wake up, work out, eat breakfast and read the entertainment page in the paper (yes, how intellectual!). Deviation from this norm usually results in a rather wonky day! lol.

[ 4. ] I have a deep love of oatmeal, the Irish kind only please. Some weeks I eat it almost every day, with fresh or dried fruit thrown in for variation. Everyone thinks I’m nuts to eat something so boring, day after day after day. But its really perfect this time of year when there is a chill in the air.

[ 3. ] I love to laugh, quite loudly and raciously actually. Life is hilarious to me, and I figure laughter is better than crying when it doesn’t go my way! 🙂

[ 2. ] I didn’t get my full driver’s permit until I was 20. (Now I don’t know how I lived without it!)

[ 1. ] I compulsively collect little items: packaging, paper napkins (clean/unused), cup sleeves and such for my design inspiration notebook. Over the holidays I collected every patterned cup sleeve variation from Starbucks. I’m obsessive like that! lol.

Hehe. That was fun–thanks Leslie for tagging me! ♥

I tag: Philo, Cory, Grace, Maggie, and Aubry. Have fun you all! 😉