I’m so glad my blog links list update was such a hit with everyone! 🙂 Trust me, when I get around to updating it again (probably around spring break, when I’ve got “loads of time” to kill) I’ll have even more goodies to direct you to. If this was any indication: I’ve added about 5-8 more blogs to my feeds list since I posted that updated list the other day. I’m addicted, I know. Anyone know of a good Blogaholics Anonymous? ‘Cause I think I’m the perfect candidate for needing help! lol!

trapeze top 01

The above photo illustrates how I spent most of Wednesday happily occupied. I haven’t sewn a garment in a long time, mostly because I swore off sewing because sewing+school+life=much [needless] stress. It was lovely to revisit for a short while though. I was highly inspired by the beautiful trapeze tops that Free People has right now, coupled with the fact that I’ve been wanting to make a top like this for some time! Several sketches and one night of subconscious planning (how does my brain manage all that thinking when I’m supposed to be asleep?!), digging through my baskets of trim and drawers of fabric and this was created. It wasn’t that complicated: just a few measurements here, snip-snip with the scissors and lots of ironing! I didn’t want to be presumptuous and just put a tutorial out there, so if anyone is interested, let me know–I’d be more than happy to share how to make this. 🙂

trapeze top 03

I think the most fun part of making this, though, was using some vintage and antique trims. The cotton voile for the body of the top was new (bought ages ago on some bargain table, I’m sure…) as are the beautifully carved shell buttons, but the crocheted camisole yoke, trim along the hem and twill tape were all old. I just love mixing these things up–it gives a piece so much more character, don’t you think? Anyway, I admit this style is taking some getting used to: I have never obscured my waist quite this much (translation: fervently asking my mother and sister every five minutes: “this doesn’t make me look pregnant–does it??). I was inspired by one of Warholuva’s recent outfits where she mentioned the goal was to push her usual “fashion boundaries” a little. Good advice, methinks. So taking up that banner of change (especially considering the new year), this is my first step out of my comfort zone! 🙂 I plan on wearing it through the winter, when I feel especially artsy-fartsy, with thin-knit tops and jeans. Come summer it’ll be paired with wide-leg pants (hopefully… several pairs have recently caught my eye at where else? Anthropologie of course!) and thin-knit tanks for that cool-girl “I’m so artsy/creative that I can do this volume thing”. hehe. Who am I kidding?! lol.

trapeze top 02

Some people find it funny or amusing that I am constantly changing my wardrobe or how I look. People have chalked this up to my not being comfortable with who I am, which is totally false. I suppose that to me, I’m like a blank canvas to experiment with new ideas, colors and textures upon. Clothes are my medium of choice. I tend to gravitate more towards the retro look, yes, but lately I find that I’ve gotten the itch to try new things, new colors, new combinations. Have fun, not take myself or my life so darn seriously!! After all: life is short! 😀

ladybird tote bag 05 ladybird tote bag 06

I also finished up my ladybird tote! It went out on its inagural flight yesterday evening, carrying my inspiration notebook, a few magazines/catalogs to clip images from and the nessecary crafty supplies. I really love big, roomy tote bags and I have to say I’m loving using this! My mother and sister thinks its the best yet, but my heart is still attached to the squirrel tote bag. Which, I shipped off, along with its sibling cardinal tote, to the lucky winners yesterday. I do hope they both enjoy using them–I had so much fun designing and making those! 🙂 (More photos on my Flickr page.)

My friend Anna, with whom I share a love of funky artsy looks and indie music, recently clued me in to this amazing indie music website. I find that a lot of people equate indie bands with either low-quality, teenage-garage band attempts at “real music” or something that is so hipster that they avoid it like the plague. This site has some really amazing, professional bands though. I’m having far too much fun discovering new favorites. Check it out if you’ve got a few spare hours (yes, hours!); everything is handily divided by genre category. My sister has also tuned me into The Decemberists, and I am currently in love with their quirky, folksy and literary-inclined lyrics. (And check out the site for the artist who does their cover/poster work! ♥ ) Much music love right now. 🙂

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Before I run, last week was apparently National Delurk Week. Even though I missed it by a day, tell me a little about yourself: your name, likes, hobbies… even if you’ve comment before. I’d love to “meet” more of my dear readers! 🙂

trapeze top 05