thank you

Maybe you’ve read it to your own little ones, or like me are “growed up” and love this sweet children’s book anyway. Guess How Much I Love You sums up how I feel about the blogging community; trying to express my intense gratitude to you all. As a relative newcomer to the diy/creative/crafter scene of blogs, I am blown away by the encouragement and feedback you have offered me of late. I was so happy that Lisa was willing to let an unknown contribute art to the Kim Family Benefit Auction. That my bangle tutorial was featured on the Craft Magazine blog. That I have “met” so many sweet, caring, creative and inspiring individuals who make up the larger blogging community. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sharing the continuous stream of witty, poignant, wise and inspiring posts and images. Every morning I check my Bloglines feeds I feel as though I am opening up a big package of delightful surprises. I’m not sure if this is articulating just how grateful and thankful I am for each and every one of you. So let me say this much: guess how much I’m thankful for you all? *spreads arms wide* This much!!!!

P.S. A “real” post will follow in the next day or two… I have a new project I want to show you all! 🙂