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Thank you to everyone who bid on my pieces (as well as all the other lovely items!) in the Kim Family Benefit Auction! I am very humbled to see how much my two bags raised. I was certainly blown away when I pulled up the auction page shortly before it ended to find that my squirrel bag had shot up over $200! I’m just so happy that the bags were able to raise a sizeable amount to donate to the James Kim Memorial Fund. I have to admit I’ve been downplaying my role in this all week, not really telling anyone about it, Dad having to drag the latest details out of me… My sly sister and mother though have been throwing a monkey wrench in the whole thing and doing everything from Googling for press coverage to going around the house loudly talking about it. Its not that I’m embarrassed, but I don’t feel that I have any place to brag about my involvement. I just donated some handcrafts; Lisa, Stephanie and Gerrie are the real superstars in this. 🙂

knit bag 03 knit bag 05
Otherewise, my weekend was really bizarre. Things just kept happening strangely or badly: it was like I was in an episode of The Twilight Zone. :p I didn’t feel really at ease, like things were back to normal until I sat down to knit Sunday evening. I finished up my cabled bag from Philo’s pattern! I made mine slightly longer, and I think it ended up slightly wider as well, but it was a super-quick knit (I would have had it done sooner had I not taken a four-day break from all knitting)! I used the same black handles that Philo used, because all the other ones at JoAnn’s had bad cases of serious ugly or season/material-inappropriate. I added a black satin ribbon and vintage pin to the front for some extra “pow”. My mother is in love with this, and has been eyeing it jealously. Should I be worried that it might mysteriously dissapear? lol. I think I need to make another one though. In black yarn though, since I love black accessories. 🙂

vintage "make-it" book 01
I went thrifting today, only to find that two of the three shops I wanted to visit were closed on Mondays. Ugh. Seriously dissapointing! Pickings were very slim at the one that was open; I only got a handful of bits and pieces (better than nothing though, right? lol!). But my favorite find was this children’s craft/activity book from the 1950s. I paid 50 cents for it, which was a steal, imho. The illustrations are just too fun!! The endpapers are my favorite aspect of the book though. 🙂 I have a few more photos of it on my Flickr thrift finds stream.

Oh, and as a side note, I updated the list of “Inspiring Blogs” on my Blogger side bar. Lots and lots of new blogs to peruse! 🙂