my desk

I want to apologize if in my previous post I came off as being more concerned with myself and my insecurities about my work than the real reason of this fundraiser. I didn’t realize until after I posted that my chatter about this may come across incorrectly. This auction isn’t about “me” or my work, but about helping out a family in need. I didn’t think that showing pictures of my pieces to be put up for auction and talking about it might be taken as my being self-centered about the whole thing. I’m so sorry if it did–I’m just very enthusiastic about helping out with this and want everyone who reads my blogs to know about this wonderful fundraiser Lisa, Stephanie and Gerrie have put together!

Anyway, I finished up the squirrel bag Friday evening. I love the lining I picked out for this one (as does my entire family… they’ve all commented on it more than once!); its so fun and crazy and green. Lately green has been appealing to me. Perhaps it it because the world is no longer green? Everything has been so drab lately; I always forget how it looks outside this time of year. I’m dying for it to snow and cover everything with a soft white blanket… it would just be so pretty!

squirrel tote bag 04

I want to thank everyone who has commented on that paper-covered bangle I posted about! As my Christmas present to all my lovely blogging friends, I’m going to post a photographic tutorial on how to make one of your own later this week. Perhaps it would be a pleasant last-minute gift or way to spend Christmas Eve (before all the partying begins!)? Stay tuned for that in the next few days.

bangle (beginning)